My objective is to combine some ambitious studies along with an athletics experience. I have dedicated my past years, in a very hard French and private high school, to prepare myself for some ambitious studies. I have worked hard and never lost my motivation. I was an international tennis player at 13 and I will be thrilled to join your university to bring my team spirit, to improve my game and fight with my teammates.





Placement year


Year of Birth


Information on Molly DUCRUET

Academic achievements


High School graduation : June 2021
GPA : 4.4
Major : Business
SAT : 1060
TOEFL : 87


Athletic performances


French ranking : 4/6 (at 14 years old)
630 U14 in Europe in 2016
Best serve MPH : 80
I got injured at 14 at the abdominals. It has been complicated to play consistently before going to High School.
I have been selected by the French Federation to join the high-performance program of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes area Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14.
I had to focus on school as my high school does not allow to travel and to miss any courses to compete. The course schedules and homework constraints did not give any free time to practice as much as possible. However, I could manage to maintain my global level which is around 3/6 without regular practices.

– Specialized courses :
English Civilization and Literature: A+
Economy and social sciences: A+
Common courses
Philosophy: A
History/Geography: A
English: A+
Sciences: A+
Italian: A+
Sport: A+
Global grade: A+ with honors

– Optional courses :
Bilingual physics: A+
Mathematics: C+


What makes you different ?

I know what I want. I am driving my life and school project as a tennis match. You can only rely on yourself and fight. I believe in myself and I am an ambitious girl. I never gave up my US goal although I have been forced to focus more on academics than tennis unfortunately. I took this goal as a challenge to achieve, whatever people could say. As a result, I will give 100% to the team and school which will trust me. I am very social and friendly. I would be a perfect teammate from the bench or on court.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I am a competitor.
I want to compete for something bigger than myself.
I want to challenge myself and improve my tennis skills.
I want to experience a team spirit and make friends for life.
I want to live the American sport culture.

College goals ?

I want to pass a BA with a major in business or arts.
I want to experience the American life as a student.
I want to discover a new culture.
I want to distinguish myself from other French.
I want to follow an ambitious academics path to apply for one of the strongest luxury management master in the world (either in Paris or London).

Tennis and Life goals ?

Challenges are driving my life. I have always used tennis and studies to express my competitor spirit. I also want to discover the world, new cultures, and make new friends. I am an ambitious girl who want to work in the Luxury industry. This is a competitive market. I could not achieve this goal if I am not out of the box. Tennis brings me the necessary and useful values. It taught me to never give up and made me travel.

Additional Information

I love sports in general. I also do skiing and surfing. I can’t see myself without exercises. I had the chance to get to know some professional tennis players who became friends as my father has been working in the ATP and WTA industry. My small brother is also a top French junior player. My parents can’t afford to support two projects and I am 100% behind him. The high-performance requirements and sacrifices are my daily habits. I love books and reading English literature. I love fashion and arts. This, is driving my academics and professional projects. I even learnt Italian to master the 3 main languages of this industry.

I have been selected by the French Federation to join the high-performance program of the
Auvergne Rhône Alpes area Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14.

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