My name is David Perret. I am a French tennis player and my current ranking is 4/6. My goal is to combine my studies and complete life objectives whilst being able to practice tennis intensively.





Placement year


Year of Birth


Information on David PERRET

Academic achievements


High School graduation : July 2023
GPA : 3.2
Major : Undecided

SAT : 1180
Duolingo : 135

Athletic performances

French ranking : 2/6
Best UTR : 9.80
Wins / Losses since 2017 : 122 / 114

Height : 6’0 ft
Weight : 160 lb

13/14 years old :
Winner in Saint Héand 2016
Winner in Décines 2018 and 2019

15/18 years old :
Winner in Toulon 2019
Winner in Pontcharra 2020

Senior :
Finalist in Peronnas (up to 3/6)
¼ finalist in Bron (up to 0)
1/8 finalist in Andrézieu-Bouthéon (up to 0)
(For the senior tournaments I won up to 3/6 in all of the previously listed ones)

Qualified for the regional semi-finals in the 2021/2022 season, with my team.


What makes you different ?

Firstly, I am trilingual in English, French and German. My mother is German and my father is French. They always spoke to me in their native languages. However, English is my mother tongue as I was born and spent 11 years in London. I went to an English nursery school and to the French Lycée in London where most children are bi- or trilingual. In 2016 I moved to France which meant I had to start a new life and adjusted successfully to a new environment. In addition, in middle school I was in what they call “horaires amenagés”, an intensive section that combines school and tennis. This system is relatively similar to the one in the US, meaning that I should adapt quickly. In 2019 I moved into high-school and successfully adjusted to a new environment again. More specifically, I have been admitted to the International British Section (SIB) of this high school. This means that for 3 years I will have 7 hours of English literature and almost 5 hours of history and geography in English per week. Being in this section for over a year has shown me that I am able to balance the heavy workload of the SIB section and tennis. This also helped me improve my organization skills. Furthermore, having lessons in French and English has taught me to be open minded and have a flexible way of thinking.  Finally, I enjoy playing in a team because until I reached the age of 11, I was part of a football and rugby team. This allowed me to learn important life lessons and skills such as collaboration, interaction with other people and sportsmanship. These are qualities I highly value and continue to try and improve every day. In conclusion, I am a multilingual person able to adapt quickly and successfully to different environments. Living in multiple countries and having changed to different schools with different sections has helped me develop my skill set and taught me more about myself. 

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I want to go to college because it is the best place where I can combine my studies with my passion for tennis. When it comes to this combination, the US is the only country that offers such a wide range of possibilities. Furthermore, even if life in France is very pleasant, I miss the full immersion in an Anglo-Saxon country. It would be a life changing experience for me to train and compete with a team of young players with different backgrounds but with similar goals. It would be an honor to represent a university as a part of their team. 

College goals ?

I know that I would like to work in the business and economy sector. My college goals are to study as many topics as possible related to this sector. In addition to learning about these topics, doing it in the US will expose me to different ways of thinking and interpreting. This will help me as a person and will add to my skill set.

Tennis and Life goals ?

In tennis my goal is to improve as much as I possibly can and see how far I can go. In life I want to practice a job that I am passionate about and be as successful as I can be. In order to achieve this, I am willing to work hard as I can only truly enjoy my success if I know I deserve it. If it has been given to me easily, I cannot claim to have achieved anything and I will know that I am unworthy of what I have. That is not how I want my life to be, which means I will work hard so that it is not the case.

Additional informations

Base 11 and under Stars of tomorrow ¼ finalist.
Reached the international qualifications for a Tennis Europe (Pont des Générations)

I am a multilingual person able to adapt quickly and successfully to different environments.

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