Tennis studies in France, a life plan


Join the All in Junior Academy and structure your life project between sport, passion and studies!

Our tennis studies program is adapted to young people from the age of 12 who wish to reconcile personal development and professional project. It offers academic and tennis training at a very high level, following a timetable specially designed all year round.

Thanks to our team of experts and former professional players, we meet the specific needs of each student to achieve their goals and their dreams.


Educational objectives

To pass each stage of school from Grade 6 to the baccalaureate with flying colours

To master foreign languages (especially English)

To obtain a US university scholarship thanks to the academic level acquired

To benefit from a training course and from an adapted pedagogy, a real springboard to professional life

Tennis objectives

To become a professional tennis player who will compete with the best on the ATP/WTA Tour

To achieve the level required to apply to the US universities of your choice

To obtain a US university scholarship thanks to the level of tennis acquired

Human objectives

To adopt universal values in sport : a sense of effort, a taste for challenge, the quest for performance, accepting and analysing one’s mistakes, rebounding quickly when faced with a situation of failure, etc …

To fulfil yourself by giving yourself the means to live from your passion

To fulfil yourself in a sport through a complete training

At the All In Academy, our quest is to develop champions, not just tennis champions, because we believe that behaviour is an added value on the road to success.

The training

Our commitment: 2 players per court and per coach

To get the students ready for the demands of the high level, the tennis-studies training program is based on different components and tools that are essential to their training.

Tennis training

A structuring around coaches who have all known the route to reach the top level (sharing of experiences)

A daily personalized training to be defined according to the project

Training games every week

Individual sessions to work on technique and tactical patterns (game identity)

Privileged coach/trainer communication (many aspects can be dealt with outside a tennis court)

A work of video, visualization and analysis of matches to train to the different phases of the game

Individualized preparation with content and objectives adapted to the age, level and project

Physical training

Efficient physical preparation by combining the many factors related to performance optimization

Rigorous development of the various physical abilities necessary for excellence on the court

Rigour to respect the routine to injury prevention and recovery process management

An interview enriched by questionnaires on different aspects of daily life (sleep, nutrition, …) in order to clarify the training profile and the project of each person

A static morpho-static check-up carried out on each player by the medical team in order to reveal possible structural imbalances that could lead to injuries

Preliminary and regularly organized physical tests to demonstrate the relevance and validity of the development program in place

Mental preparation

At the All In Academy, we believe that the physical and tennis performances of young athletes must be complemented by an accompaniment and a mental preparation adapted to each of them :

Mental evaluation (check-up, questionnaire, …) at the beginning of the year

Specific on-court “integrated mental” sessions (concentration skills, frustration management, …)

Specific “score management” sessions (how to play different situations of the match, how to manage an advance on the score, how to finish a set, …)

Collective off-court mental training sessions (visualization, concentration, relaxation techniques, …)

Personalized mental training on demand (match debriefing, development of mental strength, champions’ state of mind, mental strategies and tools to use on the court, …)



A complete, instructor-led training programme designed to reconcile studies and tennis in optimal conditions.

Even if tennis represents a large part of our teaching and education, the schedules are specially arranged to allow students to combine studies and tennis in the best possible conditions. Whatever a student’s potential is, our responsibility is not only to help him or her progress from a tennis point of view.

Enrolling at the All In Junior Academy means receiving not only know-how, but also life and social skills, because beyond sport, tennis is a wonderful school of life !

Our objective is to transform, in just a few years, young students into real adults ready to blossom and face the professional world in the broadest sense, whether in the world of top-level sport or in the corporate world.

French school

By Sport Etudes Academy

Proposed courses : from Grade 6 to Grade 12

E-School (online school) organized on-campus

Teacher-led courses

Schedules arranged

International school

By ICS School

Proposed courses : from Grade 6 to Grade 12

Schooling in a class in a nearby establishment with arranged timetables

Teacher-led courses

Specific teaching

Daily school hours (spread over 5 days)

Daily study hours (for interns only)

A school follow-up even during travel and competition periods

Reduced students and a close teacher/student relationship that improves working conditions

Foreign languages, especially English, at the centre of learning

The medical

A regular, personalized and top level
medical accompaniment.


In addition to an intensive tennis and physical training program, it is essential to accompany and supervise the young students with an adapted and personalized medical follow-up according to their profiles and the periods of the year.

Throughout the year, we provide players with the necessary and indispensable sports medicine solutions for their quest for excellence and for their well-being.

Full medical test
check-up at the beginning of the year

Access to the medical centre
for recovery, rehabilitation (hot and cold baths, gym and fitness room, …)

Medical treatment if injury
by the medical and rehabilitation team

Regular medical follow-up
by our medical team of experts : physios, osteopaths, sports doctor, nutritionist, …



The boarding school was designed and built as a second home for young students
and is only a few meters away from the sports facilities.

The program of
competitions & tournaments

The competition is at the heart of our tennis-studes package.

Our Tennis-Studies program offers our young students a program that includes participation in an average of 15 tournaments per season, during which they are monitored, supervised and accompanied by the coaches of the All In Academy.

The objective is clear : to take advantage of the competition to apply the technical and tactical bases acquired during training, while measuring the evolution of each student in match situations.

A rich region

The French Riviera has a large number of tournaments for both men and women, which is obviously a big advantage in terms of building up a tournament calendar that is dense, practical and complete.

A custom-made calendar

At the beginning of the year, the coaches draw up an annual tournament calendar adapted to each student. The choice and the rhythm of the tournaments obviously vary according to level and age (regional youth tournaments, Tennis Europe tournaments, ITF, ATP, WTA international tournaments, …).